Our Treatments


Eye Lashes

Harmony offers a variety of lengths, thicknesses and curls so you can choose the exact look you want when it comes to having beautiful lashes.

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All our nail enhancements are applied by a fully qualified nail techincian using professional, quality products.

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Massage Therapy

There are many reasons why a relaxing massage can be beneficial. Not only does it give your body some much needed relief and help muscle pain, but it enhances both body and mind.

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Professional Makeup

Our In-House makeup artists have the skills and expertise to ensure that you look and feel fabulous for your special occasion.

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Facial Treatments

We use a range of the best products to give you the best results for your skin when it comes to providing facial treatments.

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Body Treatments

We have a range of body treatments that will help to relax and rejuvinate tired muscles and mind.

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